Welcome to the other question library. In this section you will have access to all different kinds of examples that allow you to present your surveys in different ways. An example of this things you will find in this section are sliders where you can use a sliding rule to collect the numerical answer you require.

We would love this category to grow , so if you have some examples that you would like to share then please send us them and we will get them added. Below is a list of the current items in this category.

4 thoughts on “Other”

  1. i liked the link and all the supporting documents but in the same way if i want to create a question with rupees as a suffix the file is not supporting so please add question in which box should have something as a suffix. Here we seen dollar sign “$” as a prefix.

  2. I have a query. I have a script for data entry and I have only one live link for the same.
    below are the two things I want to implement in the script.

    1. I need to add the Unique Serial Manually
    2. If browser get closed in the middle of the survey then after entering the Unique serial in the same link, it should direct me to the questions where I left.

    Can anyone please help me over the above Please ASAP

  3. Hi I have a query, how can we delete the records from the Hdata. For example, we have person level loop, inside which we have trip level.

    Suppose I have 6 iterations in trip level, wanted to delete trip 2 and trip 4 from it. We trided doing it with ADODB delete method, it’s working wiered.

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