Question Library

In the question library you will find a selection of survey questions that you can download and use in your surveys. At present there is no cost to any of the items in the library and i will try to offer some support for them. Also If you have some cool question examples that you would like to submit then please send us and email and we will get them added they can be free or chargeable. You can also ask us to make some examples if you like. At this stage I have split the examples up into four sections but as the list grows i may be split up further. The groups are :

Single & Multiple Response : This section includes the most common question type and all the things you might want to do with them like lookups , default answers and more.

Grid : This section includes the formatting and totaling of grid questions.

Images : This section includes questions that use images to help get the required answers.

Other Types : This category includes types like sliders , calendars, browser detection & more.

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