2×4 Survey Tester

Recently we had the opportunity to take a look at this great tool by 2×4. Survey Tester initiates process orientated automatic testing scenarios in which tester can flag problems directly on the screen. SurveyTester automatically creates screenshots and stores them so they can be reviewed by survey authors. Every test run is stored in the database and testers and survey authors can see in detail all the steps needed to replicate an identified issue. In addition, test runs can be exported and viewed individually or together through the visual work flow diagram.

Some of the features are

  • Cloud solution no need to install software.
  • One platform for testers, teams, survey authors and project managers.
  • SurveyTester now automatically detects which survey pages are mobile friendly.
  • Cost effective & time saving workflow process.
  • Creates a clear communication channel for test runs.

2×4 have made some recordings that you can take a look at the product. I recommend you do so, it could save you and your team allot of trouble.


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