JustCode : Adjust progress bar when asking Loops

This code shows us how to increment the EstimatedProgress counter to show a progress bar correctly when asking loop questions.

Metadata(en-AU, Question, label)

    Q1 "Loop_Text_Goes_Here" loop
    } fields
        Q1Rate "Please Rate {@}" categorical [1]
    ) expand;
End Metadata

and now the routing

' ****************************************
' Designed by : Smarter Dimensions
' Last Updated : 4th August 2009
' Adjust progress bar to display properly when asking loops
' ****************************************

    Dim oCat

    For Each oCat in Q1.Categories
        IOM.Info.EstimatedProgress = IOM.Info.EstimatedProgress+1

End Routing

3 thoughts on “JustCode : Adjust progress bar when asking Loops”

    • Hey ,

      Its been i while since i tried the JDBC driver and i would question if it accepts the “MR Init Custom” property as i think it is quite an old driver. ( and not well documented ) … Have you posted this in LinkedIn also someone there may be able to help you further. Also Unicom Inteligence should monitor that forum also , so they should be able to answer you. Let me know if you still have issues as i may be able to get help from other sources for you.


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