Question Example : Auto Select

Description : This example allows you to type into the text box and watch the dropdown list change. This is usefull for very long lists.

Source : Converted from old Verge Free download.

V6 Author Wizard Files : Click Here Copy entire folder to your templates folder.

Professional IVS File : Click Here, Click File, Import Metadata in professional to load.

2 thoughts on “Question Example : Auto Select”

  1. hi guys, got a question on the layout template in the Metadata section.

    HDATA – [ TemplateLocation = “AutoSelect_files”, Template = “DefaultLayout.htm” ];

    Is the section above that something we can define in the routing? e.g. IOM.LayoutTemplate = “DefaultLayout.htm” or what’s the proper syntax we should use in the routing? please advise. thank you!

    • The HDATA tags in the metadata are normaly created by the author product, but yes you can use them also. As for what is the proper way , if you are using professional i would say IOM.LayoutTemplate = “DefaultLayout.htm” is the best way as you can change it as and when you like. This is probably a personal prefernce but you do have more controll using iom.LayoutTemplate

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