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As you know , Xceed have just released Version one of their excel export. In this article we will show you how it works and how fast it is compared to the IBM SPSS Excel Export.

So first off we need an MTD file. If you use survey reporter what you need to do is to , create your tables and run them ( don’t export ) and then save the file. If you are using Professional then create your tables and make sure that you have the following code in your script.


So with our table script we only had three tables so we populated them in Reports for survey which took about 3 seconds and then exported them to Excel and that took about 6 mins. We then closed Reports for Surveys and started up the exced export app.

Front Screen

and then clicked the Excel Export Button.

Excel Export

Next we click the Add MTD file(s) button and select the mtd we want to use

Add Button

Then click the next button and say yes to an table of contents.


Next click start,

And within around 4 seconds the excel file was produced. This product is still in its infancy but with a little more work and a few other features I think this will be a good tool to have. For me one of the features I would like to see is the ability to add the export to the script. e.g.,

Dim oWshShell


Set oWshShell = CreateObject("WScript.Shell")
oWshShell.run("XTExcelExport.exe -mtd:'c:tempMyExcel.mtd' -xl:'c:tempMyExcel.xls' -cnt:True")

and then that way I could build it into my scripts that I schedule to run overnight. Anyway we recon you should get a copy and try it for yourself because when you think about it , speed is always what we want and for us that was 4 seconds as opposed to 6 mins for just three tables !!!

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