Q & A : Labels missing in my tables output

Here is another good question that we received recently and thought it should be added to our questions and answers section.

Q: The labels for new variables created in our dms script are not coming up in the tables output why would that be.

When we looked at the files used to create the final output files we noticed that in the DMS Script , in the metadata section the language was set to something different from the input MDD. What this meant was that the labels where going into the MDD  correctly but not under the default language and so not showing up in the tables output until the correct language was selected. We checked a view versions of Professional and found that this has been fixed in version 6 , but in version 5 it would seam that this is still an issue.

So if the langauge of you input MDD is “en-AU” make sure your metadata section has the same language set in your dms script like the one here.

End Metadata

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