Artax QAReporter

QAreporter is a combination of a script and (optional) template addition to SPSS/IBM Dimensions that provides you an on-screen or email summary for the respondent of all questions and give answers at any time during a survey.
Respondents effectively get a ‘print’ button during the interview, which can use to print all answers given up to the moment of clicking the button. If you prefer to send the respondent a complete overview upon complete by email, this can be set up a complete automatic operation.
Looks and Feel
Features Of QAreporter:
– Full report at the end of the interview
– Running report during interview
– Ability to keep specific questions out of the summary
– Ability to include specific (non-asked) questions in the summary
– Fully customizable formatting
– Summary available for email at the end of interview, completely automatic
– it also works if you quit the questionnaire and restart later to complete
For more info about artax and QAReporter visit their webesite

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