Google Maps API

If you have been following us on Twitter , you will have seen a few weeks back we launched our first Google Maps page. ( check it out here ) What we have done is to reverse look up your IP address that is assigned to you when you go out onto the Internet and placed a marker on our google map.  This code will be added to our code corner site shortly. 

Whilst we think this is great, it does not give us any real accuracy , so we have put together some more code to create a check in system.  Basically what you could do,  at this stage is add the checkin page to one of your tabs on your browser and everytime you connect to the Internet , and your location has changed you could re-check in. Once you have created your profile and published it , you can then see who else might be close to you on our separate checkin map 

When you create your provide you can add a few links and an image to your marker, so for instance , if you are a company and want to put your company on the map, then you can and have a link on the marker to your company website. Anyway , have a play and pleas let us know of any issues you have or perhaps even some suggestions as to what else we could do.

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