JustCode : Update a sample record

This code shows you how to update a sample record from an MRS script.

Dim oConnection

' Start code to check if the field has data in it.
    Set oConnection = CreateObject("ADODB.Connection")

' Standard Connection String You need to change this
    oConnection.ConnectionString = "Provider=SQLOLEDB.1;Password=MyPassword;Persist Security Info=-1;User ID=MyUser;Initial Catalog=Participants;Data Source=MyServer"

    If ( oConnection.State = 1 ) Then
        oConnection.Execute("UPDATE TABLE1 SET Queue = 'Fresh' WHERE Queue = 'Completed'")
    End If


Set oConnection = Null

JustCode : Strip out html from metadata context

This code will show you how to strip out html or unwanted characters from a specified context in your mdd file Via a DMS script.

Event(OnBeforeJobStart, "")

    Dim oMDM
    ' Create the MDM object and open the Short Drinks .mdd file in read-write mode
    Set oMDM = CreateObject("MDM.Document")
        oMDM.Open("C:\survey.mdd", ,2)
        oMDM.Contexts.Current = "Question"

    Dim oVar,oElement
    'Using the StripHTML funciton
    For Each oVar in oMDM.Variables
        if oVar.IsSystem = False then
            oVar.Label = StripHTML ( oVar.Label )
            For each oElement in oVar.Elements.Elements
                oElement.Label = StripHTML ( oElement.Label )
        end if

    'Using the StripOut function
    For Each oVar in oMDM.Variables
        if oVar.IsSystem = False then
            oVar.Label = StripOut ( oVar.Label )
            For each oElement in oVar.Elements.Elements
                oElement.Label = StripOut ( oElement.Label )
        end if

    Set oMDM = null

    Function StripHTML ( sText )
        Dim objRegExp, strOutput
        Set objRegExp = CreateObject("VBScript.RegExp")
            objRegExp.IgnoreCase = True
            objRegExp.Global = True
            objRegExp.Pattern = "< (.|n)+?>"

            'Replace all HTML tag matches with the empty string
            strOutput = objRegExp.Replace(sText, "")

            'Replace all < and > with < and >
            strOutput = Replace(strOutput, "< ", "<")
            strOutput = Replace(strOutput, ">", ">")

            StripHTML = strOutput    'Return the value of strOutput

        Set objRegExp = null
    End Function

    Function StripOut ( sText )
    ' You can use this function to hard code specific things you want to clean out the text
    Dim sAnswer
        sAnswer = sText
        ' Just repeat this line with the items you want to remove
        sAnswer = Replace(sAnswer,"[WHAT_ARE_YOU_LOOKING FOR]","")
        StripOut = sAnswer

    End Function

End Event

InputDatasource(Input, "")
    ConnectionString = "Provider=mrOleDB.Provider.2;Data Source=mrDataFileDsc;Location="C:\survey.ddf;Initial Catalog="C:\survey.mdd"
    SelectQuery = "SELECT * FROM VDATA"
End InputDatasource

OutputDatasource(Output, "")
    ConnectionString = "Provider=mrOleDB.Provider.2;Data Source=mrSavDsc;Location="C:\survey_out.sav"
    MetaDataOutputName = "C:\survey_OUT.mdd"
End OutputDatasource

JustCode : Strip out new lines from text questions

This code shows us how to strip out new lines from the text questions in our survey via a DMS script.

' ****************************************
' Designed by : Smarter Dimensions
' Last Updated : 30th July 2009
' Delete new lines from text questions
' ****************************************

Event(OnNextCase, "Next")
Dim iQuestionCount
    For iQuestionCount = 0 To dmgrJob.Questions.Count - 1
        If dmgrJob.Questions[iQuestionCount].response.DataType = 2 then
            dmgrJob.Questions[iQuestionCount].response.Value = dmgrJob.Questions[iQuestionCount].Replace(mr.Cr," ")
            dmgrJob.Questions[iQuestionCount].response.Value = dmgrJob.Questions[iQuestionCount].Replace(mr.lf," ")
        End If
End Event
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