Upload File example.

Its been a while since i wrote something , so i thought i better step up my game and get posting again. Every so often i am asked if I had ever written a script to upload a physical file onto the data  collection server. So this article will show you how this can be done, the main thing to think about is you must be able to copy some files to the server and make a few directories. If you are running this in a cluster you will have to think a little differently , but here is some code that can be used.

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Question Example : TextWordCount – 25

Description : This examples shows how you can create a question that counts the words as you type. It will not allow you to type more than 25 words.

V601 Author Wizard Files : Click Here Copy entire folder to your templates folder.

Professional IVS File : Click Here, Click File, Import Metadata in professional to load.

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