Question Example : UnclickWhenFix&ExclusiveSelected

Description : This examples shows how you can un-select a fixed and exclusive response when one of the other responses is clicked.

V601 Author Wizard Files : Click Here Copy entire folder to your templates folder.

Professional IVS File : Click Here, Click File, Import Metadata in professional to load.

Tip from Bob Davis : i.engine

A while ago a topic in LinkedIN was started arround Tips & Tricks. There has been some realy great tips and we wanted to make sure that you saw them also.

That is something that is immediately useful over here. I was reminded that we can also pass i.engine=if we want to test particular engines or to pre-cache a project on that engine.

To find out about this URL item and more look here

Tip from Bernhard Witt : TestUseSampleMgmt

When testing surveys with Sample Management, it is often annoying that I need a test

 to logon to the survey. In that case, you can change a setting for the project inside DimensionNet: Go to Project Editor, switch to the properties tab and choose the dropdown entry mrInterview (Dimensions). The property to change is: TestUseSampleMgmt which is set to 1 by default. Enter 0 here and the survey can be started without authentication in test mode, while it still requests authentication in live mode. 

This is also great when a client wants to have a look again to the survey, but you cannot easy create new sample


Tip from Tyler Ball : i.timeout

We also use i.timeout (set to a very low number) when we want to test how some logic will perform after a timeout has occured and don’t want to wait 10 minutes for the standard timeout. This is especially helpful for projects that use restart logic or have redirects that take them out of the survey to a 3rd party and then back into the survey.

To find out about this URL item and more look here

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