Tip from Bernhard Witt : MustAnswer

Another one of my private library:
MustAnswer=false works great for text questions, but not for numeric questions, unless you create your numeric question with an additional



>Income "Income" long; >

This one does work:


>Income "Income"

- "No answer" NA
} ); >

Whenever I need this, I cant't remember how it works exactly, so that's the reason why I stored that in my library.

To find out about this URL item and more look here

Tip from Kevin Grey : I.routingcontext

Often people forget the item that can be entered on the URL. I.routingcontext=. I find this a great way to isolate a particularly difficult bit of functionlity in a script (say a particularly complex question). Just put the relevant

 into another context and use i.routingcontext= to run that 


To find out about this URL item and more look here

Tip from Bob Davis : i.Renderer

A while ago a topic in LinkedIN was started arround Tips & Tricks. There has been some realy great tips and we wanted to make sure that you saw them also.

Extract : One of my fellow programmers asked me if there was a way to test a CATI version of the program using a web link. I reminded him of the ability to specify the player in the URL by using


>&i.Renderer=CATIPlayer or &i.Renderer=XMLPlayer >

If you want to find out more about this option then you can read up on it on the online version of the DDL.


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