Browser IP Address, Latitude & Longitute information gathering

For a while now , i have been pondering how this could be done and if the results would be any use. What i am talking about is getting the users Latitude / Longitute & IP address that is running the survey. Now the first thing to mention is that it would not realy be their IP address, but the IP address or location of the machine that is used to connect to the internet. Anyway this is the code i came up with and i am sure it will be of use.

Another thing to mention is that if you are trying to run this on an intranet then it would not give you the results you wanted. It should be possible to design something similar and we may leave that for another article.

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Question Example : Clickable Map Sydney Australia

Description : This examples shows you how to create a clickable map of Sydney Australia.

V6 Author Wizard Files : Click Here Copy entire folder to your templates folder.

Professional IVS File : Click Here, Click File, Import Metadata in professional to load.

( Click an area on the map and then scroll left to see answer )

2X4 : Release “SmartTools for Scriptwriters”

How long do you need to convert 200 questions from Excel into an MDD file (including xxx.ask()) ? If it is less than 20 seconds, then you can skip the rest …

As a person who creates (sometimes) interview scripts, I frequently get into situations where the client send me 200 questions in an excel sheet. Usually I need just some hours for converting this into an MDD file, but this was still too much manual work.

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Xceed releases Excel export for Reports for Surveys.

We have finally released our Excel Export Component, which means you can export from your Reports for Surveys or Professional Studio at a much faster speed.

We now have 2 Export solutions for you:

1. Xcel Export – Express : This uses just a plain old MTD file to create your tables which means you do not need the Dataset and MDD to export to Excel.

2. Xcel Export Component: This integrates with in the applications and you can export faster than using Xcel Export – Express.

Visit our website:

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For any queries please email:

Quick Post : Update

Its been a while since my last post, things have just been so busy. Anyway , looks like i will be back fully in the land of the living shortly so you will start to see some more movement on this site. I noticed that someone on the site has been frequently trying to find out how to capture IP address’s in a survey so i am working on something that will do that , and hopefully more for my first post.

Also for those of you that did not know we have a note from Research11 saying they have changed their name to 22Surveys. So if you are following them you will need to update your links.

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