Quick Post : Xceed Technologies

As you would have seen recently the new version of the XT Excel Export was made available for download. If you are output to excel at present then this product is worth a look as it will reduce the time your scripts take to export and provide you with some cool built in features.

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Q & A : Even Columns

Recently i was asked,

Q: … the multiple response question Products, is currently in 1 column with 3 sublists (Kitchen,Bedroom,Bathroom). The issue is when I put this into columns it does it evenly rather than displaying each sub list in its own column. So we end up with something like this, which is not what we want.

Not Even

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Grid Total

When we check what is searched for on the blog “Grid Total” has been coming up quite allot recently. So to address that search option this article will show you how to create a numeric grid and write some code to add up the response’s and make sure they reach a specific total.

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