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Audio File Playback in Survey: Cross Platform/Browser :

In respondent operations systems prior to Windows 7, we have been able to run

 that loads the Windows Media player plugin and mini-app to play back audio files. It works for IE, Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Safari. Mixed results on Mac systems.

Now, in Windows 7, this process does not work for Firefox or Safari without requiring the respondent to download and install a plugin.

Is there

 to allow audio files to be played more universally? If not, do you have suggestions on the best approach we should take moving forward?

So , have you come across this before, do you have any suggestions or thoughts? If so leave a comment or drop us an email.

Cobalt Sky : Word Cloud Generator

Recently doing our usual hunting around the net we noticed that Cobalt Sky are now offering a services that allows you to present your text answers in a graphical way.  The tool reads directly from Excel files, is available as a plug-in to SPSS’s Desktop Reporter, and can be used from VBA to read, for example, from SQL databases. To find out more and have a play click hear.

Q & A : Smarter Filtering Perhaps?

Recently we where asked the following question.

Q. guys, another question about single response categorical question. is there an easier way can filter out some categories by a previous single response answer? For example, Q1 is a single response Q asking the annual household income with differnt ranges, and people say 60-75k. And Q2 asks the annual personal income, which we want to filter out those codes’ range more than 75k, and only shows ranges less than 75k. Currently we are using if…then to list out all the filter conditions, which is a very long list. So I was wondering is there a smarter way to get this done?

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Connecting to an Excel file using the ADO DSC

On our site we have a few articles about how to connect to SQL databases using ODBC connections, but have you ever wanted to use ODBC to read an XLS file? Not Everyone has access to SQL so using Excel to store data for perhaps a CAPI survey is often a viable option. In this article we will show you how to build the connection string required to connect.

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