Q & A : Using images in your progress bar

Every played around with images in your progress bars? One of our members is having problems and submitted this question.

Q: Have you guys ever worked with custom images being used in a progress bar? I am experimenting with progress bars and I cannot get my image to appear. In this article we will show you how to add a image to your progress bar

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Q & A : How to make Special Responses NOT bold

As you will know when you have questions that use “Special Responses” like “None applicable” and “Refused” by default they come up bold. Recently we where asked.

Q: Is it possible to turn the bold off “Globally” for special responses rather than do it at the individual question?

The Answer to this is a simple one “Yes” and it can be achieved by using this very neat bit of code.

IOM.DefaultStyles.Categories[CategoryStyleTypes.csExclusive].Label.font.effects = 0

Debugging Quotas

When writing quota scripts one of the hardest things to do is to figure out if they will work or not. For a while the only way to test them was to Activate the survey onto the server but very quickly it was realised that a new method was required. In this article we will show you how to set your professional up so that you can debug your quotas scripts on your local machine.

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Learn VBA : String Manipulation

The next article in our line of learn VBA will teach you how to use some of the most common string manipulation commands. These commands are easy to learn and are actually quite common among most programming languages. The commands we will look at are Len for “length”,Mid for “middle” , left & Right and then finally Replace and Split.

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Quick Post : Update on the Verge Consulting Products

We have had a few questions recently around the Verge Consulting Products and the fact that it would seam that they are no longer available. At this stage we have not had any Official Confirmation from Verge , and the web site still suggests that they are Alive and Well, but we believe that they are no longer offering any consulting services in the Data Collection area.

With all that said we have removed , temporarily all the posts about the Verge Products so that we do not cause any more confusion. As soon as we hear anything official , or if Verge would like to comment on this post , we will let you know.

Perhaps the code for these products could become Open Source or be added to the DDL ? We would be willing to look after the code if it went Open-Source if that was an option. It would be a shame to lose the products  they have produced as they have given allot of value to many customers.

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