Printing respondent answers from a Data Management Script

It’s been a while since our last article on printing to word, but we thought that we should continue as we have completed some more work on this. In this article you will see how to take the code that has already been written and use it inside of a DMS script to produce a word document for every record.

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Quick Post : New Version of Dimensions To Surveycraft DLLS

This is just to let you all know that there is a new version of the Dimensions To Surveycraft DLLS. They can be found herefor download. For more information on these DLLs please read the following article.  Please make sure you uninstall the old version before you install the new one, failure to do this will break the new DLLS.

Due to a change in the later versions of Professional some of you may have to comment out this line.

' Link into the mrStudio Output window
set objSurveyCraft.mrStudioLog = Debug

This issue has been reported to SPSS.

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