Learn ODBC : Updating records

Now that we know how to connect , find , insert and delete records there is one more action that we will  write about in this series of articles on ODBC. As well as all the above we will need at some point in time  to know how to update a record. This article will show you how to do just that.

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Quick Post : Software Demonstration Webcast

Verge Consulting will be hosting a webcast to demonstrate a variety of software applications which have been built on top of the SPSS Dimensions / Data Collection Framework.  These applications help extend the capabilities of the SPSS software you already use today.

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Learn ODBC : Finding a record

In this second article about ODBC we will begin to explore the ADODB.Recordset object. We will take what we have learnt previously and use it to write a function that will connect to a database table using the ADODB.Connection object and find a specific record, once found we will return its id.

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