An early Christmas present from Verge Consutling

Christmas is almost apon us and before we know it , we will all be in holiday mode, sitting back relaxing. Anyway , as you already know , Verge Consulting is a company that works in the SPSS IBM Data Collection space offering a wide range of products and services. Just recently they sent eveyone they knew a present of some realy cool templates and special features. This article shows you a few screen shots of some of the things they are giving you for free. The full download can be found here. Thanks Verge and Happy Christmas Everyone !!!

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Question : Need to change timezone for date times collected

Recently we where asked how to record the date and time in a survey but for the respondents time zone, not the time of the server.  The first question we asked was , are you asking where the respondent is, and they where so the answer was easy. Read on to see the full code and explanation.

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Learn Flash Lesson 5 : Upload the files to the server

A while back Kevin mentioned that we might have issues when trying to upload our surveys into our Interviewer Server. As promised we checked what we had done to see if anything strange would happen that we did not expect. This article describes the process that we used to get our Lesson 3 activated on a server.

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