Database Maintenance : Shrinking your database files

Recently we found that our SQL server was running out of disk space!!! We noticed that no backups had been done on the server so we created an SQL maintenance plan. This failed because we did not have enough space on the server to run the plan. Does this sound like you? ..

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Learn Javascript Lesson 7a : Integrated Count Down

As a follow up to the excellent javascript ‘Count Down’ example, I wanted to show you how to extend this functionality such that the ‘Count down’ is fully automated and doesn’t require either:

  • Specific references to the the variable name, and
  • Specific reference to the maximum number of characters declared in the variable

Assuming you have the Lesson 7 example working, these are the general next steps required:

  1. Move the mrData tags and HTML code specific to the ‘Count down’ functionality into a Question sub-template, along with additional mrData tags for automation
  2. Move the core javascript code into an external file (.js) and reference that external file from the new Question sub-template
  3. Modify the metadata file so that the variable in question references the new Question sub-template

Let’s take a look at each step in turn

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Learn JavaScript Lesson 6 : Change Image

This is the Sixth article in our series on JavaScript. In this article we are going to expand on what we have already done in the previous article and rather than just show an alert when a categorical question is selected we will get each click to change an image.

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Killing two birds with one stone

Recently we were asked by our friends in India if we had any information around running Data Collection surveys for mobile devices. We don’t have anything , but we wonder if you do and would like to share it ? We have also created a survey that we would like you to try on your mobile device. If you don’t have a mobile device that can use the internet we would still like you to take this survey as it asks you amongst other things what you think about the IBM / SPSS acquisition. We will report our findings out at the end of the month.

Thanks once again to 2×4 consulting for letting us use their servers

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