Quick Post : Google Alerts …

Recently we have been playing around with Google Alertsand you will be surprised what they can do for you ….. Take a look http://www.google.com/alerts In short , we see this as a way of being notified of anything new that gets added to googles search engine on the topic you have set the alert up for. To see what Wikipedia says read on …

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Learn HTML : The Image/Template Cache

We will always want to add images into our surveys to perhaps show a company logo or some items of clothing that you are running the survey about. To get images into your surveys you could upload the images onto your company website and reference them from there, but that would require help from your web administrator. A better way to use images is to use the Image Cache that mrInterview provides.

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Quick Post : CTRL+ & CTRL-

A while back we posted that some user where having issues with their screen resolution. We just noticed the same issue on a machine that was working perfectly before, and then noticed that in IE8 and it may be the same for others , that if you hold down the [CTRL] and press the [-] key your browser zooms out and if you hold down the [CTRL] and press the [+] key your browser zooms in. This fixed our screen issue … it may fix yours

Learn HTML : mrInterview Tags (mrProgressBar)

Often if your survey is long you, will want to give your respondent some indication as to how far they are in the survey. To help you with this, mrInetrview provides you with a tag call mrProgressBar that you can place in your template.

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