Shared Lists

When we create questions using the Interview Object Model  ( IOM ) we need to have responses that the respondent can select. More often than not we need to have the same responses used multiple times. This article is about Shared lists that allow you to create the list’s once and then re-use them as often as you need.

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How to get Quantum data from mrInterview

There are still a lot of people around doing the analysis of surveys using Quantum or other tools needing data to be in some fixed ASCII format. To get the data into this format you need to provide the location for each bit of information in terms of card/column definitions. This can be done using MDM2Quantum.

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Paginated Dimensions tables

TOMPager is aimed at Dimensions users who want to produce paginated tables from mrStudio Tables, Desktop Reporter and mrScript. Standard output from Dimensions is in the form of single logical tables, so long banners or side headings need to be manually split or shrunk to fit on printable pages. TOMPager emulates the functionality of Quantum tables output, breaking long or wide tables into user-definable page-size sections. The resulting ASCII tables can then be formatted in Winyaps or other tables processors such as E-tabs.

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Question Types

 A while back we noticed that someone searched the website for information about mrInterview questions types, so we have decided that we will do some articles about all the question types you can have in mrInterview. This article is about all the different question types you can have and provide a brief description about each one. If you would like more detail about each question type then click the underlined heading and if an article exists you will be directed to it.

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Tip of the day: mrStudio and memory usage

I was speaking to a friend the other day, and they told me something that I would like to share with you all.  They had been editing a large MDD file in mrStudio. The MDD file was around 1 meg, and after a few hours of just editing and saving, no running the survey, mrStudio began to slow. Looking in task manager they noticed that studio was using 1.3 gig of memory. For obvious reasons they thought they’d better close studio and re-open it to clean the memory usage up, but studio crashed and they thought they had lost their last few changes.

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Chart at end of survey

Sometimes you will be asked to show a graph at the end of a survey showing the count or percents for a particular question. I guess this is a bit like a web poll, you are asked to vote on something and then after you have placed your vote you see a graph of the results. This is easily done in mrInterview and this article shows you how you can achieve this.

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