The mrStudio connection wizard

When you write mrStudio scripts you will frequently need to create connection strings. To help you achieve this , and to help you not to have to remember all the properties that you may want to use , there is a database connection string builder tool inside of mrStudio to walk you through the process of building a string and getting you the correct connection information.

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Using the datalink properties wizard

No mater what you do with dimensions you will almost definitely come across the “Datalink Properties Wizard”, this article shows you how to use it. In this article we are going to connect to the museum database that comes with the Dimensions Development Library. It can be found in the following directory.

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How do I check my connection to my mrInterview SQL database

You have your mrInterview system setup, but you are unsure if the SQL database is accessible to you. The first thing to do would be to talk to your IT guys and see what they have to say, if they say you should be able to connect then the quickest way for you to double check is to try and make the SQL connection. Ask them to provide you with the SQL login details ( name of server, user login and password ) and once you have this, you are ready to go.

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Report at end

At some stage you may be asked to produce a report at the end of the survey to allow the user to print off or just view their answers to the questions they selected. Now there are many ways this can be achieved but in this example we will show you a simple way of doing this. And once you have this structure it could be taken further. What we will do is to create a survey, collect an email address and then send the respondent an email with their survey responses in html format in the email, after viewing them on the screen. We will not cover the send email bit in this example, but you can see how to do this in another article on this website.

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2×4 Translate

The Story

“When I had to implement my first project with support for multiple languages, we all underestimated the need for professional translation management. I had to manage a project with 16 different languages and more than 1200 single labels. Instead of planned 2 hrs. management time per language, I finally needed more than twice as long.”

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Importing CVT & SEQ files into Surveycraft.

With Dimensions it is possible to convert Dimensions data into a surveycraft format. To do this you need some DLLS installed on your machine and an mrs script. Once run , the script products a CVT ( metadata ) and SEQ ( data ) file. To Get these into surveycraft you need to do the following.

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