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Here are some images/links to IBM Thought Leadership that the team i work for has helped produce. In most cases Unicom intelligence, SPSS Statistics and Modeler have been used to provide analytical insight into the data collected to help drive and validate the content in these documents. If you work in the Government or Education sectors, then these are for you. Happy Clicking (If you want more info then please feel free to drop me a email at dporton@au1.ibm.com )

Open SAV file and create an XL map of contents

Needed to write some code today to open up an Statistics sav file and create an XL map file of the metadata. The next step in the process will be to write a IBM Statistics syntax script to change the content in the SAV file based on the information in the XL file. Here is the first bit of the code , lets call it stage 1. If you want stage 2 let me know.

So lets declare some vars

CONST sDataPath = "c:\temp"
CONST sDataName = "IBV_A069_EPH.sav"
CONST sXLMap = "SAV_MAP.xls"

Dim oDSCs, oDSC, oMDM, oVar,oElement
Dim oExcel,oSheet

Dim iVarCount,iRow

And now lets go ahead and open up the SAV file using the Statistics DCS

Set oDSCs = CreateObject("MRDSCReg.Components")
Set oDSC = oDSCs["mrSavDsc"]
Set oMDM = oDSC.Metadata.Open(sDataPath + sDataName)

Then lets open up our XL file. I am assuming it is already made and contains a tab called Labels in it. We are also going to give the columns some names

Set oSheet = oExcel.Sheets["Labels"]
iRow = 1
oSheet.cells[1][1].value = "Variable Name"
oSheet.cells[1][2].value = "New Variable Name"
oSheet.cells[1][3].value = "Type"
oSheet.cells[1][4].value = "Value"
oSheet.cells[1][5].value = "Label"

Next we need to loop the variables in the file outputting the data we find to the relevant places in our sheet

	for iVarCount = 0 to oMDM.Variables.count-1
		iRow = iRow + 1
		Set oVar = oMDM.Variables[iVarCount]	
			oSheet.cells[iRow][1].value = oVar.Name
			oSheet.cells[iRow][3].value = "L"
			oSheet.cells[iRow][5].value = TextOnly(oVar.Label)
			oSheet.cells[iRow][6].value = oVar.dataType

			For each oElement in oVar.Elements.Elements
	   			iRow = iRow + 1
	   			oSheet.cells[iRow][3].value = "C"
	   			oSheet.cells[iRow][4].value = oElement.Element.NativeValue
	   			oSheet.cells[iRow][5].value = TextOnly(oElement.Label)	   			

and finally we need out TextOnly Function. This will allow us to strip out HTML codes that may be in our labels

Function TextOnly(sValue)
	Dim sNew,iCount,bStart
	For iCount = 0 to len(sValue) -1
		if ( find( "<",mid(sValue,iCount,1) )>-1 ) then 
			bStart = true
		End if
		if ( bStart = true ) Then
			sNew = sNew + mid(sValue,iCount,1)
		End If
		if ( find( ">",mid(sValue,iCount,1) )>-1 ) then 
			bStart = false
		End if
	TextOnly = sNew
End Function

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