Its been a long time

It’s been over 7 months since my last post and to be honest I don’t know where the time has gone. In my professional life, I have been working on a special project and it has consumed all of my time, but I have learnt allot. And now I think it is time to get back on the wagon and start posting a few more articles to continue on the theme we started all those months ago and also show you some of the new things I have learnt.

I have not thrown this question out there for a while but are any of you interested in writing article with me? It can be on anything IBM SPSS Data Collection it can be short or long, it’s just all about sharing knowledge. Anyway if you do want to write something drop me an email or comment on this post and i will get you added to the system so that you can start blogging.

Quick Post : Update to Code Snippet blocks

If you have not noticed before , i am sure you will now , but for a while now i have struglled to find a good code style widget for this blog. Over the weekend and today i have updated this yet again and have made some backend changes that should hopefully show you the code for the posts in a more readable and usable format. If you find any issues with the code supplied , please let me know as it could be a result of this resent change.

Seasonal Greetings 2010

Its been a interesting year this year , we started off well with lots of  regular posts but as the year progressed , things like work got in the way and the post started to slow down. In total i think we only posted around 50 so that is half the amount we did in 2009. Planning to change that for 2011 , once we have the learn VBA articles out the way we will start to show you how you can put all this  knowledge to great use.

Some of you may recall that we moved our website from one version of PHP to another and whilst this is a simple operation out internet providor made a pigs ear of it. All the work is done now , but it has resulted in us deciding that we need to make a few changes to the main website so you should see some changes here in the coming weeks.

As we count the numbers today we now have over 400 subscribers to this blog and roughly the same number in LinkedIn. And Finally for those of you that did not know we have made it into the # mrx Daily so come see us and others are chatting about.

Anyway time to get back to the festivity’s so have fun over the holidays and we will see you in the new year

The Smarter Dimensions Team

PASW – Data Collection Family

For those of you that did not already know , the “SPSS Dimensions” platform has been re-named to “PASW Data Collection”. The first thing you are going to ask is what does PASW stand for and why has Dimensions been re-named. To find the answers to these questions and discover a new product release coming in 5.6 …

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