Quick Post : 22Surveys – “CSS Clickable Image Questions”

We received a comment on a post recently that lead us to this site which we thought you might be interested in. 22Surveys is a site in Amsterdam run by Dennis Sewberath.  Dennis has been a Survey Developer and Designer and has been creating and designing surveys for many years and loves to share his ideas and opinions. He tries to use only open source and free software and code to show you his ideas and examples for online surveys.

His latest post was on clickable images using CSS for Data Collection and we think its worth a look.

Using Banners in mrInterview

In the scripting for mrInterview you can use the object IOM. This is a collection of all the properties of the current interview. Amongst the list of properties belonging to IOM there is a collection named “Banners”. In the routing of your intervew script (i.e. your MDD-file!) you can add elements to this collection. By doing this you just add a new banner to your interview screen. This banner will need to have a name and a text like:

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