Paginated Dimensions tables

TOMPager is aimed at Dimensions users who want to produce paginated tables from mrStudio Tables, Desktop Reporter and mrScript. Standard output from Dimensions is in the form of single logical tables, so long banners or side headings need to be manually split or shrunk to fit on printable pages. TOMPager emulates the functionality of Quantum tables output, breaking long or wide tables into user-definable page-size sections. The resulting ASCII tables can then be formatted in Winyaps or other tables processors such as E-tabs.

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Chart at end of survey

Sometimes you will be asked to show a graph at the end of a survey showing the count or percents for a particular question. I guess this is a bit like a web poll, you are asked to vote on something and then after you have placed your vote you see a graph of the results. This is easily done in mrInterview and this article shows you how you can achieve this.

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Table of Contents for Excel Tables

Ever wish that the tables export to Excel would create a table of contents?  Ever wish for sheet names based other than T1, T2, etc.?  This post discusses a Dimensions script that creates a Table of Contents sheet, optionally creates links back to the TOC sheet on each table/chart sheet and optionally renames the sheets based on a row in the sheet.

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Net Promoter Score

You might not believe that the Net Promoter Score is the “single most reliable indicator of a company’s ability to grow” but you are likely to be asked to provide an NPS or another score that is an alternative to a simple mean.  For this article, we’ll talk about how to create a NPS using derived elements.  Derived elements can be used to provide any score that is based on assigning values to categories.

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