Data Collection Hosting

Today I  noted that someone was searching on the site for information about Data Collection Hosting. The idea of this post is to allow others if they are out their to add a comment to talk about the offering they have, but from what i know there are three solutions.

Solution 1: IBM SPSS MSP Data Collection
This option is used by someone that does not want to look after any hardware but has purchased the Data Collection Server software. The customer will have limited / no access to the phsyical machines as everthing is managed by the providor. For more info on this option you will need to contact you local IBM SPSS representative.

Solution 2: IBM SPSS ASP Data Collection.
This solution is used by someone that might want to run the odd survey every so often and feels the need to purchase any software is not an option. The customer will only have access to the system via the web interfaces but will be able to do all that is required to manage a survey. For more info on this option you will need to contact you local IBM SPSS representative.

Solution 3: Generic Service Providor Hosting.
This option is used by someone that wants to install and manage the software themselves but does not want to pyhsicaly host the machines in house. Most Internet Service providors will have an option for you to rent a physical or virtual machine. For obvious reasons pyhsical machines are better that virtual , but now IBM SPSS supports the common virtual enviroments virtual is an option.

What Hardware Part 1 : In-House or Hosted

When it comes to deciding what hardware you want for your Data Collection Server setup there are lots of things that you need to consider. Once you have an idea on how many concurrents you will be getting we need to build a system that will cope with it. There are many network topologys that we can come up with and it really depends on what resources you have available to use.

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How many Session Engines ( 5.5 )

So we have created some scripts that will show us our possibly concurrency, but what does this mean and how do we work out how many session engines we will need. This article will explain, what a session engine is and why we need at least one of them. We will show you some test results that we have run with the Data Collection Load tool and some standard scripts.

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How many concurrents : Part 4

In the previous articles we designed some scripts to read the IVW log files to work out what the concurrency was, next we will write a script that will try and Estimate what sort of concurrency certain survey criteria might produce. In this article we will take all the information that we have gathered from Data Collection Users to try and produce some example loads.

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How many concurrents : Part 2

In this article we are going to create the final DMS script that we use to recode the concurrents.csv file created in the previous article into something that is richer and usable for tabulation. The final output file will  be in a DataCollection Data file ( ddf ) format. This article assumes that you have some basic knowledge of DMS and VBA scripting.

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