2×4 Survey Tester

Recently we had the opportunity to take a look at this great tool by 2×4. Survey Tester initiates process orientated automatic testing scenarios in which tester can flag problems directly on the screen. SurveyTester automatically creates screenshots and stores them so they can be reviewed by survey authors. Every test run is stored in the database and testers and survey authors can see in detail all the steps needed to replicate an identified issue. In addition, test runs can be exported and viewed individually or together through the visual work flow diagram.

Some of the features are

  • Cloud solution no need to install software.
  • One platform for testers, teams, survey authors and project managers.
  • SurveyTester now automatically detects which survey pages are mobile friendly.
  • Cost effective & time saving workflow process.
  • Creates a clear communication channel for test runs.

2×4 have made some recordings that you can take a look at the product. I recommend you do so, it could save you and your team allot of trouble.


2×4 Data Collection Interviewer Server Backup Application

I have been on holiday for the last few weeks and during that time I managed to get some articles written. Whilst on holiday I was asked by 2×4 if I wanted to have a play with their backup tool and of course I excepted. This article is about that app and it shows you what it can do and how you can do it in the first release. To be honest , and I get nothing for saying this , I think this will turn into a “Must Have App” for all those users out there , and I know a few , that struggle with or do not even do backups. With a couple of clicks you have backed up a project or restored it. No Complicate procedures , just a few clicks and you are done. Anyway , here is what I did and the screen shots that go with it.

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2×4 : Survey Tester

Testing surveys is a time-consuming and faulty process. Communication between testers and survey authors is often cumbersome and therefore valuable information about test runs, browsers used and operating systems can be lost. Testers send screenshots to survey authors who must waste time searching for the problematic screen—creating frustration and a risk that the problem will not be resolved.

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2X4 : Release “SmartTools for Scriptwriters”

How long do you need to convert 200 questions from Excel into an MDD file (including xxx.ask()) ? If it is less than 20 seconds, then you can skip the rest …

As a person who creates (sometimes) interview scripts, I frequently get into situations where the client send me 200 questions in an excel sheet. Usually I need just some hours for converting this into an MDD file, but this was still too much manual work.

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Xceed releases Excel export for Reports for Surveys.

We have finally released our Excel Export Component, which means you can export from your Reports for Surveys or Professional Studio at a much faster speed.

We now have 2 Export solutions for you:

1. Xcel Export – Express : This uses just a plain old MTD file to create your tables which means you do not need the Dataset and MDD to export to Excel.

2. Xcel Export Component: This integrates with in the applications and you can export faster than using Xcel Export – Express.

Visit our website:


Copy and paste the above link if this does not direct you to our website.

For any queries please email: support@xceed-tec.com

News : XCEED Update

XCEED are happy to announce that they have created an export component for your IBM SPSS Survey Report/Reports for surveys application as well as for your IBM SPSS MR Studio/Professional Studio.

They will be releasing the product in a few weeks.

***Anybody that has purchased the previous application will be able to download the export component for free as this would still be within your 1 year support and maintenance plan***

For any further information contact support@xceed-tec.com

Visit our website:
Happy Exporting!

Xceed Technologies Xcel Export Released!

Xcel Export V1.1.029 FULL RELEASE is now available.

Xceed Technologies has created an application that allows you to export your data into Excel fast and easy. Some projects take 40 minutes or more to export to Excel from your IBM SPSS Data Collection Base Professional Studio application or Survey Reporter. Xcel Export can export 100’s of tables in just 2 – 3 minutes, with visual features. 

  Xcel Export can provide:

  • Running Excel tables faster than usual
  • Table of Contents, with detailed information and hyperlinking to each table
  • Better formatted Table of Contents with template
  • Save Projects and Load Projects
  • Command-Line runner
  • Option for using standard theme/clearing theme
  • Option for using a logo
  • Positioning logo
  • Freeze Panes of Axes
  • Option for Showing/Hiding Grid Lines

Please visit: http://www.xceed-tec.com/index.php/application-showcase/xcel-export for more information.

Email: support@xceed-tec.com

Quick Post : 22Surveys – “CSS Clickable Image Questions”

We received a comment on a post recently that lead us to this site which we thought you might be interested in. 22Surveys is a site in Amsterdam run by Dennis Sewberath.  Dennis has been a Survey Developer and Designer and has been creating and designing surveys for many years and loves to share his ideas and opinions. He tries to use only open source and free software and code to show you his ideas and examples for online surveys.

His latest post was on clickable images using CSS for Data Collection and we think its worth a look.