Quick Post : Mobile Theme added to site.

The other day I added a mobile theme to this site so that you can view the site in a better format on you mobile devices. I have looked at it on my Nokia E72 and iPad and it looks ok. I would be interested in what you think it looks like on your mobile devices. The direct link to the blog is http://www.smarterdatacollection.com/Blog. Please leave a comment and thanks for your help.

Q & A : Online DDL

Every so often people ask questions that can be found in the “Data Collection Developer Library”. More often than not they would ask where they can get a copy of it and i would have to point them to a site where they could register and download it. Now with IBM you don’t have to download it you can browse it online. I am sure most of you have a copy installed , but for those of you that dont then you can find the online version at this url.


Q&A : Using the {@} in loops

Recently in the comments section we where asked,

Hi. I am working on a survey where we need to have a summary of responses at the end of the survey. I am using script which was posted in IBM help that would put the question in the first column and the answer in the second. However I have a grid in my survey and instead of the question name appearing, the grid question is repeated throughout. Any suggestions on how to get the question name in the table instead of the grid question?

In this case the answer was to use the {@} in the loops , for example

G1 "G1 - Text  " loop
        A "This is the question A",
        B "This is the question B"
    } fields -
        SQ "SQ Text {@}"
        categorical [1..1]
            Y "Y",
            N "N"

    ) expand;

Q&A : Quota Full popup box

A few weeks ago we where asked the following

Q: I just want to show a popup box says “Quota Full” and send the participant to end of the survey. Any help about this ?

In this article we will address the popup box and the jump to the end of the survey. If you would like to see how you check the quotas then you can take a look at the related articles shown at the end of the post.

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Q & A : Comments in your scripting

Recently we where asked how do you put comments in your scripts. This quick post shows us that you can have two types of comments. The first is the block comment. To create a block comment place a ‘! at the start of the bit you want to comment out and then a !’ at the end and you will see that you have commented out that section.

    * Survey Description : Comments 
    * Last Updated       : 16th June 2011



' **** End of Survey

End Routing

The next type of comment you can have is a single line comment. To create a single line comment place a ‘ at the front of the line that you want to comment out.

Q & A : Even Columns

Recently i was asked,

Q: … the multiple response question Products, is currently in 1 column with 3 sublists (Kitchen,Bedroom,Bathroom). The issue is when I put this into columns it does it evenly rather than displaying each sub list in its own column. So we end up with something like this, which is not what we want.

Not Even

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A question for you, can you help ?

Recently we where asked ?

Audio File Playback in Survey: Cross Platform/Browser :

In respondent operations systems prior to Windows 7, we have been able to run

 that loads the Windows Media player plugin and mini-app to play back audio files. It works for IE, Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Safari. Mixed results on Mac systems.

Now, in Windows 7, this process does not work for Firefox or Safari without requiring the respondent to download and install a plugin.

Is there

 to allow audio files to be played more universally? If not, do you have suggestions on the best approach we should take moving forward?

So , have you come across this before, do you have any suggestions or thoughts? If so leave a comment or drop us an email.

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