Learn JavaScript : Hide checkbox’s

Over the last week you may have noticed that the blog has had an issue with the code statements being all on the same line. This is now fixed, we upgraded the theme used and it had a bug in it that cause this issue but with a hot fix it is now resolved. Anyway back to the article , recently we have been asked about how you could hide a checkbox using JavaScript, this article will show us how it can be done.

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Google Maps API

If you have been following us on Twitter , you will have seen a few weeks back we launched our first Google Maps page. ( check it out here ) What we have done is to reverse look up your IP address that is assigned to you when you go out onto the Internet and placed a marker on our google map.  This code will be added to our code corner site shortly. 

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An early Christmas present from Verge Consutling

Christmas is almost apon us and before we know it , we will all be in holiday mode, sitting back relaxing. Anyway , as you already know , Verge Consulting is a company that works in the SPSS IBM Data Collection space offering a wide range of products and services. Just recently they sent eveyone they knew a present of some realy cool templates and special features. This article shows you a few screen shots of some of the things they are giving you for free. The full download can be found here. Thanks Verge and Happy Christmas Everyone !!!

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Learn Flash Lesson 5 : Upload the files to the server

A while back Kevin mentioned that we might have issues when trying to upload our surveys into our Interviewer Server. As promised we checked what we had done to see if anything strange would happen that we did not expect. This article describes the process that we used to get our Lesson 3 activated on a server.

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Learn Flash Lesson 4 : Generic Flash Example

In this article we will take what we have learnt so far and explore one concept in making our flash object generic. The idea here will be to pass something into the flash object that set’s it up and then the flash object returns the selected result. This object could then be used in multiple positions throughout our survey to collect data.

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Learn Flash Lesson 3 : Categorical Question

In the previous two articles we saw how to pass things from a flash object to data collection server and back again. In this article we will make a  categorical style question in flash and link it to our data collection survey. We will start with passing the data back to a text box and then  progress onto linking it to a categorical question.

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Learn Flash Lesson 2 : Pass it back to Data Collection Server

In our previous article on flash we discovered how to create a flash object with two text boxes on it and a  button that could interact with an html page via JavaScript. In this article we will discover how to add all  this code into a html file that can be used with a Data Collection Server survey.

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Learn Flash Lesson 1 : Lets Get Started

As promised here are our articles on integrating flash and data collection server. We started learning FLASH about 3 days ago and we now believe that we have found enough information to get something working. To get going with this , we downloaded the latest version of “Adobe Flash CS4 Professional” which gave us a 30 day trial. This has been more than enough time for us to get things working.

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Learn Javascript Lesson 7a : Integrated Count Down

As a follow up to the excellent javascript ‘Count Down’ example, I wanted to show you how to extend this functionality such that the ‘Count down’ is fully automated and doesn’t require either:

  • Specific references to the the variable name, and
  • Specific reference to the maximum number of characters declared in the variable

Assuming you have the Lesson 7 example working, these are the general next steps required:

  1. Move the mrData tags and HTML code specific to the ‘Count down’ functionality into a Question sub-template, along with additional mrData tags for automation
  2. Move the core javascript code into an external file (.js) and reference that external file from the new Question sub-template
  3. Modify the metadata file so that the variable in question references the new Question sub-template

Let’s take a look at each step in turn

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