Participants Tips

Have you ever imported a file into Participants and gotten “Attempting to insert data that does not have a corresponding column.” or “String or binary data would be truncated.”?  This post will explain how to avoid these errors by checking and fixing your Participants file manually before importing.  We will first describe the manual method using Excel and then provide a Dimensions script that can also be used to fix these issues.

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Simple Templates

After you have created your survey the next thing that you really need to do is to create a look and feel. While mrInterview allows you to do lots of customization via the script you will always need to create templates to add more content. This set of steps shows you how to start creating a template from scratch and some of the pitfalls that you need to look out for.

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Net Promoter Score

You might not believe that the Net Promoter Score is the “single most reliable indicator of a company’s ability to grow” but you are likely to be asked to provide an NPS or another score that is an alternative to a simple mean.  For this article, we’ll talk about how to create a NPS using derived elements.  Derived elements can be used to provide any score that is based on assigning values to categories.

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