Show all Excel constants

It is often very useful to have a list of all the constants that are used in Excel 2003. One way to get a list is to search the web, but you can produce such a list yourself. All you have to make sure is that you have the following DLL installed TlbInf32.dll. If you don’t have it, search the web and you will find. Once installed create a new mrs file and add the following code

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Finding the value of EXCEL constants

When you write scripts that utilise Microsoft Excel objects you will definitely come across the need to understand some of the numeric values that are stored as Excel Constants. There are several ways you can find out these values and this article provides you with two ways to do that. Before we get started we need to have some excel code.

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Corporate look and feel

In this section we will show you how quickly you can adopt a Corporate look and feel. Lets take the example where we have just got a job and the client has asked that we develop a online survey with their corporate look and feel. The company that we are working with is called Your Health and is a company that investigates customers day to day habits. The website looks like this.

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Map Questions

Sometimes you will need your respondents to click on images to select areas such as what state do you live in. In this example we are going to take an image of Australia and turn it into a click-able image that we can use in our survey. We will also show you how you can store the information selected in your survey. The image we are going to use is the following.

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Email from survey

To send a email from your survey is easy to implement as long as your network allows. In this example we will use IIS and SMTP but you should be able to use other email servers.  Once the software is setup you can start. The first thing we need in our survey is a text box to collect the email address, so create a mdd with the following code in it.

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Help Window

Sometimes in your surveys you will want to offer your users some additional help, now you could just put it on the page but you might not have enough space for it so it is a good idea to add some sort of help icon that the user can click on to open up another window and display the help. In this example we show you have to achieve this functionality.

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Creating Random Unique ID’s

In this example we show you how to mange creating Unique ID’s for your sample and show you how you can use them. This example assumes that you already have a text delimited file that you can use for your sample. For the purpose of this example we will be using a sample file that has the following structure.

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Table of Contents for Excel Tables

Ever wish that the tables export to Excel would create a table of contents?  Ever wish for sheet names based other than T1, T2, etc.?  This post discusses a Dimensions script that creates a Table of Contents sheet, optionally creates links back to the TOC sheet on each table/chart sheet and optionally renames the sheets based on a row in the sheet.

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