Learn HTML : mrInterview Tags (mrProgressBar)

Often if your survey is long you, will want to give your respondent some indication as to how far they are in the survey. To help you with this, mrInetrview provides you with a tag call mrProgressBar that you can place in your template.

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Learn HTML : mrInterview Tags (mrNavbar / mrNavButton)

We have created our templates and added our question tags in them, the last thing we need to do is to give our users a way of navigating the survey. To do this we need to add the mrNavBar tag into out template. This article tells us all we need to know.

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Learn HTML : mrInterview Tags ( mrData )

There are several ways we can use the mrData tags to display our question information. You can have one tag that shows all questions on the page under each other or we can break them up into individual questions and place them where we want. The last method is to break the question up into 3 question text, Responses and then any error messages, this article show us how

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Learn HTML : mrInterview Tags ( General )

In the past we have learnt how to create our templates and position items in them. Now we need to know how to position the mrInterview tags so that we can see the questions and use the navigation buttons. This article shows us how to use the basic tags and what they do

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