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19 thoughts on “Ask Us”

  1. Hi,

    I am trying to write a batch file with multiple run and need the RunType value changing for each run from 1-3. I have the following syntax but it doesnot seem to substitute the values at all.

    mrscriptcl Report.mrs /d:RunType=””1″”
    mrscriptcl Report.mrs /d:RunType=””2″”
    mrscriptcl Report.mrs /d:RunType=””3″”

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


  2. Hello I am trying to find away to access the max value of a numeric grid via Javascript and HTML. Looking at the DDL and your website I have found many examples of using

    But when this is on a grid question it is returning the value zero. I tried using “Index =” but this seems to only work with pages.

    Any help would be great.


    • Hi Andrew, Not good news i am afraid. We believe it is not possible. Can you log this as an issue with IBM support please ( if you cannot , let me know ) and i will do it,

      The only work around that i can think of is to store the value in a hidden numeric on the page, however this may not work in your instance.

  3. Hi,

    I regularly use interviewing software but do not understand at all what goes on under the bonnet.

    I do however understand user issues and one of the most important is the possibility of going back to revise a question that was wrongly coded, for example at the end of an interview you realise that another person lives in the household who was not coded at the beginning, maybe 25 questions back.

    In the past I used in2View, which had a:

    1. “Back To” button which would raise a pop-up menu with all the past questions listed…one could click on any question and go straight back to it and change it. Then there was a;

    2. “Forward To” button which took you to straight back the next question relevant to any new route, usually the last question asked.

    Is it possible to program these features into Dimensions as an addition to the standard “Next” and “Previous”?



  4. Yes, that looks like what i need – though the description of what it does is a bit thin.

    If it allows navigation to ANY question forward or backward it would allow skipping whole sets of questions – I cant see the boss allowing that!

    If it allows going BACK to any question, suppose one did that, and changed a routing question? Would the dependent following questions remain unchanged?

    I suspect from some comments that have been made about going back that the “GO TO” button is not being used for the second reason, ie that it upsets data. However, it should be a simple matter to get the program to either wipe and following “dependent” answers and force them to be re-entered, or retain the previous answers on the question screen to be re-saved only with approval by the capi operator.

    I’d be very interested to understand more about how the question of how routing would be affected by the use of a GO TO .button



  5. I want to build in a rule to only allow a certain number of responses be selected in a multi-response grid. E.g. Identify 10 key risks (from a list of 30). An error message should appear if more/less than 10 risks are selected.

  6. Hi,

    All my templates have progress bars coded in. I need to publish a survey without a progress bar and I don’t want to mess up my templates.
    Is there a way to hide or remove “mrProgressBar” on all or certain pages using IOM scripts ?


  7. Hi,

    We have a csv file with a loop question in flat format. We would like to know how can we convert it into Data Collection format and then open it in professional to do tabulation for the loop question? Could you please give the general guidline or examples? Thank you so much.


  8. Hi Doug,

    Thanks for your info. Actually, the csv we have is something like below:

    id, gender, age, productA_rating, productB_rating, …., productZ_rating
    1, M, 23, 1, 5, …, 3
    2, F, 34, 3, 3, …, 3

    10, F, 28, 3, 5, …, 4

    if I import this data into professional or survey reporter, then all the rating variables become individual numeric variables. And if I want to tab this data as “product * gender” and show the mean rating values in cell content, I need to write:

    “productA_rating{mean()} + productB_rating{mean()} + … + productZ_rating{mean()} * gender”

    So what is the best practice to deal with this situation? Should I first transform it in to Data Collection native format (mdd + xml) to convert those rating variables to a Grid or Loop like

    ProductRating “” loop
    } fields
    rating “rating” long;

    and the tab it with:
    add mean(ProductRating.rating) cell item
    “ProductRating * gender”

    ? If yes, could you give me a dms sample? Thank you so much.


  9. Hi Doug,

    I know how to do it now. My approach is as follow:
    1) save the csv to xls or sav which does not need mdd when transfer
    2) transfer xls or sav to DC xml or ddf with mdd output
    3) in mrs, use mdmdocument.creategrid to derived a new grid variable with existing the productA_rating to productZ_rating variables
    4) tabulation with the derived grid

    I’d like to know if my approach is also what you usually do with flat source containing loop response? Or you have a better suggestion? Also can it also be done in dms OnNextCase event? Thanks.


  10. I would like a way to easily display the name of each item/question when testing web surveys.

    Is there an easy way to accomplish this using something like IOM.Banners…?

    As I mentioned, I would like this when I’m testing surveys out, so the people testing the surveys can easily provide feedback, but then when the survey goes live the participant doesn’t see the item name.

    Ideally it would be something that I could turn on and off using something like “If IOM.Samplerec.Test = 1 then…”

  11. Here’s another good one.

    Is there a straightforward way to create a jagged single-response grid based on selections made in a non-jagged multiple response version of the same grid?

  12. Hello,

    In Author , We have the possibility to implement Database question.
    can we have in the same page on survey the possibility to refresh the response list on Q2 regarding what we selected in Q1.

    For example choose In Q1 the city and in the Q2 having only the list of hotels according to this city.


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