JustCode : Make an MDD file from a VQ file using DSC

This code shows you how to open an surveycraft metatdata file using the Surveycraft dsc and save it as a MDD file.

' ****************************************
' Designed by : Smarter Dimensions
' Last Updated : 7th July 2009
' Code to make an MDD file from a VQ file using the SC dsc
' ****************************************

Dim mrDSCs, mrMdsc, oDoc,sVQ

sVQ = "C:\temp\MUSEUM"

Set mrMdsc = createobject("mrdscreg.components")
Set mrMDSC = mrMdsc["mrScDsc"]

Set oDoc = mrMdsc.Metadata.Open(sVQ + ".vq")

oDoc.Save(sVQ + ".mdd")


Set oDoc = Null

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