Corporate look and feel

In this section we will show you how quickly you can adopt a Corporate look and feel. Lets take the example where we have just got a job and the client has asked that we develop a online survey with their corporate look and feel. The company that we are working with is called Your Health and is a company that investigates customers day to day habits. The website looks like this.


The first thing that we need to do is to take a copy of the clients website. This is really easy to achieve and we don’t really need to worry about the complicated scripts that they may have generated. So what do we do , well we need to view the source of the web page and save it to a file on your machine. To do this, right mouse click the web page and choose the “View Source” option, then do a file save as, lets call the file Template1.html

Once the file is saved, double click on it and you will notice that it does not look the same as the orriginal. This is normaly because the links, style sheets and images cannot be found on your machine. We can refity this by adding the actual paths to the files in. This is what the page looks like before we add the links back in.

Page withjout style

So how do we add these links back in, in our file we have the following statements ( your pages will have something very similar.


In our case we will change them to


If you make all the correct changes you will be back with an html file, local to your machine with the correct look and feel. Please note this will only work while you are connected to the internet. You may think that this is no good, but it will be fine because when you deliver the look and feel your customer will have access to all the required files.

Page with style and images

Next we need to decide where our survey is going to go. In this example the survey is going to go on the left hand side of the screen where all the writing is. As the picture on the right is the owner of the website it may look like the person is asking the questions of the respondent. And to be honest it would not take much work to attach sound files to each page to make it look like the person is actually asking the questions. So open up the template file and cut out the html and text that you do not want, don’t forget to make sure the template remains XML compliant. We end up with a page like so,

Now that we have cleared the space for our survey questions we can add the Dimensions Tags and end up with something like the following.

Corporate Look

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