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Testing surveys is a time-consuming and faulty process. Communication between testers and survey authors is often cumbersome and therefore valuable information about test runs, browsers used and operating systems can be lost. Testers send screenshots to survey authors who must waste time searching for the problematic screen—creating frustration and a risk that the problem will not be resolved.
2×4 SurveyTester makes it easy for testers, survey authors, and other stakeholders to address problems within a survey, make changes and then retest the survey.

Survey Tester

2×4 SurveyTester initiates process orientated testing scenarios in which testers can flag problems directly on the screen. Then, 2×4 SurveyTester automatically creates screenshots and stores them so they can be retrieved by survey authors. Every test run is stored in the database and testers and survey authors can see in detail all the steps needed to replicate a problem. In addition, test runs can be exported and viewed individually or together through the visual workflow diagram.

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