Q&A : Using the {@} in loops

Recently in the comments section we where asked,

Hi. I am working on a survey where we need to have a summary of responses at the end of the survey. I am using script which was posted in IBM help that would put the question in the first column and the answer in the second. However I have a grid in my survey and instead of the question name appearing, the grid question is repeated throughout. Any suggestions on how to get the question name in the table instead of the grid question?

In this case the answer was to use the {@} in the loops , for example

G1 "G1 - Text  " loop
        A "This is the question A",
        B "This is the question B"
    } fields -
        SQ "SQ Text {@}"
        categorical [1..1]
            Y "Y",
            N "N"

    ) expand;

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