Q&A : Quota Full popup box

A few weeks ago we where asked the following

Q: I just want to show a popup box says “Quota Full” and send the participant to end of the survey. Any help about this ?

In this article we will address the popup box and the jump to the end of the survey. If you would like to see how you check the quotas then you can take a look at the related articles shown at the end of the post. Ok so first off we need to know how to display a popup box. The simplest method is to use the JavaScript alert feature in your question. First off we need some metadata

Metadata(en-AU, Question, label)

QuotaFull "" info;

End Metadata

Then we need some routing.

Dim QuotaFull 

QuotaFull = true

If QuotaFull Then
	Goto EndOfSurvey
End If

' Rest of survey questions.


End Routing

Now of course this is not all the

 to check the routing , that can be found in other related articles but it does show you that if the condition is true then the alert box is displayed and then when the next button is click the survey is terminated in the normal fashion.

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