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As you would have seen recently the new version of the XT Excel Export was made available for download. If you are output to excel at present then this product is worth a look as it will reduce the time your scripts take to export and provide you with some cool built in features.

First of to get the latest version you can use this link.  As they mention on the site you need the .NET Framework version 4 and to be honest I was a little reluctant to install this as you just never know what it will do to all your other products. Anyway , I bit the bullet and checked my add remove programs and could see that I had the .NET 4 client installed so I assumed all was good and went ahead and tried to install the exporter. This did not work as the install said I did not have .Net 4 installed , so after some pondering I uninstalled the client and installed the full .Net V4 and started again. This worked a treat and after a few clicks of the next button and a re-boot I was ready to go.

Looking at the website the features are


  • Run Excel tables faster than usual.
  • Includes a Table of Contents.
  • Save Projects and Load Projects.
  • Command-Line runner.

New Features:

  • Better formatted Table of Contents with template.
  • Tables created with a standard theme.
  • Freeze Panes of Axes.
  • Option for Showing/Hiding Grid Lines.

The first thing we tested was the Load and save projects setup options. This works well and allows you to quickly re-use a setup to run an export. Which is what you would want to do if you where running weekly job runs etc. When I did my first export I made sure I had all the options switched on so I could see what they all looked like. Freeze panes was the first thing I looked at and it worked well. Being able to scroll to the right or bottom of a table without losing the headers is a great feature and just makes it easier to see what is what.

Next we looked at the overall look and feel of the tables and its ok , not brilliant at this stage but we suspect that the main people using this product today would be people that have formatting macros they have designed themselves so would just use this product to increase the turnaround time and anyway we know this area will be improved after all it is very early on in the products life. I liked the table of contents and the way that you can just to the table that you like , it worked well and is another very useful feature.

The last thing I checked was the command line parameters and these again worked well. Having this feature allows us to schedule our scripts in the same was as before but utilize the speed of the export. The code snippet we used to export was as follows,

Dim objWsShell
Set objWsShell = CreateObject("WScript.Shell")
objWsShell.run("XTExcelCL.exe -mtd:c:tempOutput.mtd -xl:c:tempMyExcel.xls -toc:FALSE -fp:FALSE -hg:FALSE")
Set objWsShell = null

Overall this is a good product and should be one that you should take a look at, It will save you time, that is for sure.

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