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Audio File Playback in Survey: Cross Platform/Browser :

In respondent operations systems prior to Windows 7, we have been able to run

 that loads the Windows Media player plugin and mini-app to play back audio files. It works for IE, Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Safari. Mixed results on Mac systems.

Now, in Windows 7, this process does not work for Firefox or Safari without requiring the respondent to download and install a plugin.

Is there

 to allow audio files to be played more universally? If not, do you have suggestions on the best approach we should take moving forward?

So , have you come across this before, do you have any suggestions or thoughts? If so leave a comment or drop us an email.

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  1. There is no one universal way of achieving this, there are not really many universal ways of achieving anything when it comes to browsers. Certainly the plug-in route is a poor one unless you can guarantee that the majority of users already have the plugin (otherwise you are skewing your results).

    The solution with the least number of methods used would be a combination of HTML5 and Flash. Flash will reach a large audience and you may find this sufficient but there are some devices (mobile) and some users who do not accept Flash as a valid component in the internet, in these cases a fall back to HTML5 technology is required. Here is an example of a HTML5 audio tag.

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