How to use GetMrData.xls

GetMrData.xls has been around for as long as we can remember, but how many of you know about it ? In the article we will show you how to use it and get your data into an excel file. Yes you can export directly out of Data collection to do this directly, but with this file and some customization you could make it do allot more than just that.

So where do we find GetmrData.xls , well it can be found in the DDL , we use version Six now so it can be found in this directory ( if you use the default directory )

C:Program FilesIBMSPSSDataCollection6DDLCodeGeneralExcel

When you have found it , open it up and you should see the following screen

Open GetMrData.xls

Once you have it open follow the instructions on the screen ,

Step 1. Select the Excel menu item "Tools:Macro:Macros" and then click "Run"
Step 2. The Data Link Properties dialog should then appear.  Select your data source and then click "Ok"

When you have done that you will be presented with the Data Link Properties screen. To see how to use that screen click here and point it to your data source. When you have done that you should end up with your data in excel.  Perhaps it looks like this,

What the data look like in excel

And there you have it , that is how you use GetMrData.xls. In out next article we will show you how you can add some code to allow you to change the data and send it back to where it came from.

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    • Hi Nathan,

      We will write another article on that for you. I think in 2007 there is no limit , it is just set to how much memory you have. 2003 there is a limit for sure.

      The Smarter Dimensions Team

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