Table of Contents for Excel Tables

Ever wish that the tables export to Excel would create a table of contents?  Ever wish for sheet names based other than T1, T2, etc.?  This post discusses a Dimensions script that creates a Table of Contents sheet, optionally creates links back to the TOC sheet on each table/chart sheet and optionally renames the sheets based on a row in the sheet.

Download the script. Run it using mrStudio or mrScriptCL.  The script will prompt for the full path to an Excel tables file.  The script will update and save this file so make a backup before calling if you need the original.

The default behavior is to create Table of Contents tab called TOC.  Edit the TOC_TAB_NAME #define to change the tab name.  The default behavior of the script is to create links back to the Table of Contents tab at the top and bottom of each sheet.  To remove a link, set ADD_TOP_TOC or ADD_BTM_TOC to False to remove the top or bottom link respectively.  The script also by default renames the sheets based on the contents of the the first row.  To specify a different row, update the row number at RENAME_SHEET_BASED_ON_ROW or set to 0 to turn off sheet renaming.

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