Paginated Dimensions tables

TOMPager is aimed at Dimensions users who want to produce paginated tables from mrStudio Tables, Desktop Reporter and mrScript. Standard output from Dimensions is in the form of single logical tables, so long banners or side headings need to be manually split or shrunk to fit on printable pages. TOMPager emulates the functionality of Quantum tables output, breaking long or wide tables into user-definable page-size sections. The resulting ASCII tables can then be formatted in Winyaps or other tables processors such as E-tabs.

TOMPager is a Dimensions plug-in so integrates directly into the Dimensions product suite. 

Export Tables
Export Tables

Key benefits include:  Fully paginated tables, similar to Quantum output

  • Banners evenly split across pages improving aesthetics while minimising page count
  • Banner texts evenly split in columns for improved appearance and readability
  • Handles all Dimensions tables including complex nesting
  • Wide array of options for total control of layout
  • Fast – 2000 pages output per minute on a typical desktop PC
  • Tables compatible with Winyaps for powerful formatting
  • Works in all Dimensions tables applications, both scripted and GUI

Page formatting options include:  Page width and length

  • Width for side headings
  • Minimum and maximum column width
  • Double spacing of rows
  • Indenting of rows within nets
  • Simple pagination (overrides smart pagination where banners are split evenly across pages)
  • Split column text at ! and | characters
  • Repeat row variable headings when split over a page

TOMPager outputs plain ASCII tables which can be formatted and distributed using Winyaps. For more information on Winyaps follow this link.

If you would like a demo on one of your projects, or would like to trial TOMPager for 30 days please contact Mark Morton or e-mail

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