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Multiple Response

A while back we noticed that someone searched the website for information about mrInterview questions types, so we have decided that we will add some articles about all the question types you can have in mrInterview. This article is about the “Multiple Response Questions” which can be created from the categorical question type.

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Learn HTML : Getting started Part 2

This is Part 2 of our Learning HTML set of articles. In this article we will learn how to setup a Virtual directory and run our html pages properly. It does not matter if you dont have IIS installed or are not allowed to have it, reading this article will help you when it comes to understanding how html pages are used on the web.

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Learn HTML : Getting started Part 1

Over the next coming weeks and months we are going to produce some articles on HTML and how you use it with Dimensions. These articles will be aimed , to start with , at users that don’t have any or very little experience in writing HTML pages. If you did not know by now, this is a big part in any survey that you do. So what does HTML stand for and what can it do for you.  Click more to find out.

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