Cobalt Sky : Word Cloud Generator

Recently doing our usual hunting around the net we noticed that Cobalt Sky are now offering a services that allows you to present your text answers in a graphical way.  The tool reads directly from Excel files, is available as a plug-in to SPSS’s Desktop Reporter, and can be used from VBA to read, for example, from SQL databases. To find out more and have a play click hear.


Paginated Dimensions tables

TOMPager is aimed at Dimensions users who want to produce paginated tables from mrStudio Tables, Desktop Reporter and mrScript. Standard output from Dimensions is in the form of single logical tables, so long banners or side headings need to be manually split or shrunk to fit on printable pages. TOMPager emulates the functionality of Quantum tables output, breaking long or wide tables into user-definable page-size sections. The resulting ASCII tables can then be formatted in Winyaps or other tables processors such as E-tabs.

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