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Speeding up your Excel Exports

With speed about the mrExcelExport always a hot topic when you write your TOM scripts i thought i would take a look at another possability of getting your tables into Excel. In this article i will show you how you can use the “mrTextExport” to export your tables , and also sugest something you could do to the exising Excel Export to speed it up.

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Add Context , Populate & Strip HTML out

You would have recently seen in LinkedIn that Barb asked the following question. “When you add html code into your survey, it displays beautifully but then it displays as code in your tabs. Is there a way in a DMS to globally eliminate any HTML code?” and I pointed him to a post that had been written awhile ago. Also in my comment I mentioned that I had a script that would add a context to an MDD and then strip out the HTML and put just the text in it. This article shows you the code for that script.

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Learn Tables : HTML Export

In the next set of articles that i will write we will look at all the diffetent type of exports we can use. At the time of writing there are five types of export , html, text, excel, powerpoint and word. It is also possible to write your own type of exports and if you want some info on that let us know and we will point you in the write direction. In this article we will look at the HTML export and all the features you can use.

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Learn Tables : Filters

In the previous article we looked at how to tabulate the questions in our survey. When we create tables it is often that we don’t want to tabulate all the data but a subset of it. In this article we will look at how we can create those sub sets of data so that we can filter our tables at the global level or at the table level.

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Learn Tables : Basic Tables

In our last article we showed you the steps that you need to take to produce tables in Data Collection. Open the data , create the table structure , populate the tables and then export. In this article we will spend some time showing you how to create some of the different tables that you may need and some of the basic additions that we need to add to our script to make it run smother.

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Xceed Technologies Xcel Export Released!

Xcel Export V1.1.029 FULL RELEASE is now available.

Xceed Technologies has created an application that allows you to export your data into Excel fast and easy. Some projects take 40 minutes or more to export to Excel from your IBM SPSS Data Collection Base Professional Studio application or Survey Reporter. Xcel Export can export 100’s of tables in just 2 – 3 minutes, with visual features. 

  Xcel Export can provide:

  • Running Excel tables faster than usual
  • Table of Contents, with detailed information and hyperlinking to each table
  • Better formatted Table of Contents with template
  • Save Projects and Load Projects
  • Command-Line runner
  • Option for using standard theme/clearing theme
  • Option for using a logo
  • Positioning logo
  • Freeze Panes of Axes
  • Option for Showing/Hiding Grid Lines

Please visit: for more information.


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