Database Maintenance : Shrinking your database files

Recently we found that our SQL server was running out of disk space!!! We noticed that no backups had been done on the server so we created an SQL maintenance plan. This failed because we did not have enough space on the server to run the plan. Does this sound like you? ..

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Creating Random Unique ID’s

In this example we show you how to mange creating Unique ID’s for your sample and show you how you can use them. This example assumes that you already have a text delimited file that you can use for your sample. For the purpose of this example we will be using a sample file that has the following structure.

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Participants Tips

Have you ever imported a file into Participants and gotten “Attempting to insert data that does not have a corresponding column.” or “String or binary data would be truncated.”?  This post will explain how to avoid these errors by checking and fixing your Participants file manually before importing.  We will first describe the manual method using Excel and then provide a Dimensions script that can also be used to fix these issues.

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